Made for precise, consistent fluid control, the xQR41V Series needle valve features a (QR) Quick launch clasp, modular design, and 60percent smaller type factor. The needle valve’s exchangeable, modular design makes it simple to adjust to various dispensing applications. They’re obtainable in a variety of human body styles, stems and seal materials. A needle valve gets its name from the business end: a conical, needle-like plunger that fits exactly into a valve seat.

Needle valves are used as soon as the flow of liquid or gas must be managed and routed into delicate gauges for dimension and metering purposes. The QR clasp allows you to eliminate the fluid human body from the valve in seconds – no tools needed. When choosing products, the full total system design should be thought to make sure safe, trouble-free performance.

The flow price is based on differential force and viscosity. We can also provide bespoke, automated force measurement systems tailored towards precise process demands. While here is the most frequent type, valves can be found which have metal – steel, synthetic – plastic, or plastic – steel needles and seats.

It is also roddable with a clear bore, high movement with accurate control. We offer a multitude of innovative valves, fittings, and hoses for most industries including: Oil & Gas, Semiconductor, Power Generation. Superlok needle valves control the total amount of movement with precision, while running in toughest conditions.

Needle valves are used in low-pressure hydraulic systems, chemical processing, alongside gasoline and fluid services. The severest of services can utilise the Colson X-Cel valves stated in the all grades of standard or exotic materials. Electrically automatic needle valve fluid on a fluid processing system.

As the valve can stay mounted even though the fluid human body is washed, changing out fluid takes less than 2 minutes , which significantly decreases downtime while increasing efficiency. The valves function a locked bonnet design for safety. With more than 40 several years of expertise in flow dimension and control, our company is very well placed to aid in specifying and providing instumentation for your application, from solitary instruments to bespoke automated systems.

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